Let her sleep for when she wakes hand lettered quote

I love type, I love words, I love inspiration, I love color, I love whimsy and so it’s no wonder I love lettering quotes! Dont know what took me so long to get here!

But here I am and I am having fun…….

todays quote is

Let her sleep for when she wakes she will move mountains

let her sleep for when she wakes lettered quote

This quote was hand drawn and then painted in with Dr Ph Martins hydrus watercolors. If you haven’t tried them you should they are a dream to work with.

I also did this with an undercoat of water soluble graphite for shading, I just love the look of graphite and watercolor. Just a touch of whimsy, color fun and it will be hanging in my granddaughters room.

All prints and artwork are always for sale in the shop  or in my etsy shop.

have a quote you would like to see painted, suggest it here….


Lettering quotes

I have been having fun in the lettering class offered by Val Webb called Drawn Watercolor Lettering 

She is a wonderful teacher and her lettering info is a bit different than some classes I have taken. She introduces you to some different lettering styles and the class is very interesting.

This week was the art of lettering a full quote

I love you to the moon and back was my choice and this is my piece

i love you to the moon and back hand lettered quote

And then my daughter asked me to letter her name in a hippie style design



Watercolor rainbow bird

This bird was painted with Dr. Ph Martin’s hydrus watercolors! What a wonderful line of paint, so rich in color, liquid, lightfast and absolutely a delight to paint with.

I love birds, they are my animal….somedays I imagine what it would be like to be able to just fly anywhere…

I came across this little guy and well I love color, lots of color so I decided to paint him, he was fun and i just love the way he turned out.

rainbow bird, dr. ph martin's  hydrus watercolor

I think I will paint some more birds……


Ferruginous Hawk Colored pencil drawing

Todays drawing is my ferruginous hawk in colored pencil.

It was a bit of a challenge at first, as I usually don’t like the beginning stages of a drawing, to me is the ugly stage. Sometimes it is hard to get past that stage in your head.

It would be so easy to judge your talents at this point and give up, but experience in making over 30 years has taught me the ugly stage is temporary and if you just manage to push through it you find that you come out with something wonderful.

ferrugenous hawk colored pencil drawing

So I pushed through and fiddled some more, and fiddling is what I like to do, and came out with this wonderful hawk drawing. I had about 7 different colored pencils and it took me a couple of hours to finish.

It was lots of fun and I am happy with the finished drawing. Now on to more birds, next weeks lesson is smaller perching birds, called passerines. I am off to find a colorful one so I can use all my new colored pencils.


Birds, next lesson

The bird class is going along well, the videos are wonderful and full of lots of detail information along with pdf’s I will have long after class is over.

Next is eyes. Learning to look at the eye of birds.

eyes2aCapturing the brow of the bird and the way it affects the eye…..

eyesThe one on the right is an owl….I just love the way those eyes are staring at me! All done in colored pencils and I had fun. Next is the drawing of a hawk in colored pencil, cant wait to start that one.


Drawing birds

I am always up for a new class, great new inspiration, things to learn that juice up my creative passions.

I found this great class on learning how to draw birds at Val Webb here and I am having so much fun.

The class is very informative and I am learning how to look at birds in a way I can break down and work through in my sketch book.

So for my first assignment was quick sketches of birds. The idea was to take some bird photos and sketch some birds spending no more than 10 minutes on each sketch. The object was to be able to portray the shape of the bird not the details.

bird1 briddraw1bird3 bird4


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